Prepackaged Lettuce? Let us not!

I haven’t eaten a single bite for nearly 42 hours. Right now, I’m gingerly sipping on veggie broth, hoping to work my way up to food. On Sunday evening, I started feeling not quite right and didn’t really want to eat my dinner. When I woke up Monday morning, I felt like my feet were heavy and I was very fatigued. By 10:00 a.m., I knew something was working on taking me down…


The flu was my first thought, for it is highly contagious and is working its way around these parts like wildfire. For all my hand-washing precautions, the flu can get you airborne style. No one is safe. I spent last night in agony. I went to Hades and back in my feverish dreams, praying for deliverance. I was quite sick. This morning, I knew that it wasn’t the flu. Food poisoning had come to pay me a visit…


And though I don’t have a lab working on it right now, I can pretty much say with certainty where I got it from. Prepackaged lettuce. As a vegetarian, I eat A LOT of lettuce. I throw the greens over everything…sandwiches, soups, as a garnish. The prepackaged, prewashed stuff is obviously convenient…


However, I have lately felt very dissatisfied with my prepackaged salad purchases. I buy the plastic tubs, and even though there is always plenty of time before they expire (as per the date on the packaging), when I open them, I frequently find unsavory lettuce. Slimy lettuce…eww. Black, rotten bits…gross. Some healthy, while much is wilted and distressed…not for me!


Just this Saturday, I’d made a sandwich and had to pick the best pieces from a package that ought to have been entirely fresh but wasn’t looking all that great. I even thought, I hope I don’t get sick. Handsome came home with a fresh package from the grocery, and I promptly told him how annoyed I was getting with the packaged kind (as I threw away the bad lettuce from the fridge). We were wasting money on convenience…


It only takes a few minutes of online research to learn of the risks of prepackaged lettuce. Recalls are rampant, and pre-washed on the label holds no certain safety value. As I lay fitful and feverish all night, unable to even sip water without nausea and sharp pains, I thought to myself, I’m pretty strong and healthy, but what if an elderly person or child got this? They would be at serious risk…


I won’t be purchasing ready-made salad mixes anymore. Apart from the bacterial risks, I was losing money anyway with as quickly as they were going bad. Henceforth, this lettuce lover will be buying a fresh bunch/head every few days, and taking the extra time to prepare it myself. But as for just this moment, another cup of warm broth and a long nap is calling my name. Be safe, all you gobblers of greens!

17 thoughts on “Prepackaged Lettuce? Let us not!

  1. I learned that lesson a few years back. I try to get the freshest produce. I cold rinse everything before use, even eggs which are from local range fed chickens. I’m constantly rinsing and wiping the counter and utensils with cold water. As a single person it is hard sometimes shopping for the right quantity before it goes south in my fridge, but excess then goes in the compost.

    Hope you are feeling better. I swear by Bragg’s Apple Cider, it has many uses.

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    • Fresh whole lettuce that I wash myself, is what I’m going for in future. I’ve always been careful about my food handling too, but I should have pitched that off-looking lettuce! Argh! I’ve heard good things about this vinegar. I’ll pick some up!


  2. I have been using spinach as a lettuce replacement in salads (which I buy in a bag but wash) and it works just fine. I started with this when I needed to boost my immune system during chemo.
    Do hope you are feeling better. I’ve had food poisoning and I know what an awful feeling it is.

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  3. Oh my, hope you feel better now! It’s true that the convenience we get off packaged lettuce is actually a waste of money and they do gone off very fast. Never trusted the “prewashed” claim, always have to rinse again just on the safe side 🙂

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  4. I won’t even try to make any kind of a joke this time. Contaminated food is a serious, even deadly, problem. Please regain your strength, MiLady; you are much needed at this coming RenFaire season.

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