The Carnival of Venice

The Carnevale di Venezia 2017 is but 7 days away! Hundreds of visitors are preparing for the event, which this year falls between February 11-28. I’ve perused the calendar of this year’s events with wide-eyed wonder…what delights await all those who will have the privilege of attending…


I took these photos when I attended the Venetian Carnival in 2005 with my costumer mother, Lita. We wore our gowns and ambled about the calle, along the waters of the lagoon and through St. Mark’s Square each day. There is nothing more enlivening than the energy in that square as crowds watch for the very best costumes on display (such as those worn by this impeccable couple above)…


Cameras flash. People ohhh and ahhh. Laughter and chatter abound while the clamor from the lively crowd vibrates your sternum. It is very exciting. Music floods through St. Mark’s, amplified beats by day, live vocals at night…


With pomp and mask, wig and powder, the fascinatingly antiquated carry themselves elegantly toward frivolity in every corner of the city. I swoon, I die…as I watch the parade go by…


There is so much to entertain…cafe sittings, gondola rides, boat races and water parades, street entertainments, Festa delle Marie, The Flight of the Angel, mask and costume contests, masquerade balls and festive dinners. Along with the striking beauty of the city of Venice, its delicious fare, musical offerings and art exhibits, Carnevale could certainly overwhelm anyone with its sheer splendor…


Though I will not be in attendance (deep sigh), I wish anyone attending this year the most enchanting time of their lives! As for me, I am anticipating the wonderful photos and videos that will soon be posting during this carnival season. They will ignite my dreaming for the next occasion when I too, will amble once more in costume through the labyrinth that is Venice!

11 thoughts on “The Carnival of Venice

  1. Oh, dear friend, only one correction….not hundreds of people but thousands will descend on beloved Venezia in a very short time. That’s why I’m waiting till the day after it’s over to visit. But I’m not really up to all that right now anyway. I know I’d love to see it and experience it someday…just not this year. But my friend who lives there has promised to save me some “frittele” a special fried sweet made just for Carnival.

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  2. Ah Ha! The trick is, to make it to the Worshippers’ Entrance in San Marco by 8:30 am on Ash Wednesday morning for the anointing of ashes. After the services, and a long meditative walk through the Basilica watching the morning light reflect off gold mosaics, step out into the Piazza. Have a warm cup of cappuccino sitting outside at Quadri’s, and listen to the Campanile bells ring the Noon hour. My memory.

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  3. You’ve opened a world of wonders by posting the link to Carnivale 2017. I had not thought of ice skating in Venice, but to do it in Campo San Polo! I want to go back!!! I want to thank you for sharing the link, but I’m not so sure. I want to go back!!!

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