Sometimes Satisfying, Sometimes Not!

As I wrote in my last post, I am working on acclimating myself to being the best gobbler of greens I can be (aka, mostly vegan). I’ve been a vegetarian for some years, and am now trying to cut out more animal products, and eat even more plant-based foods…


After 5 weeks, I wish I could say that I feel amazing (light as a feather and as glowing as Eve of the garden), but I don’t. To be honest though, I think that’s probably because this gal needs to get her booty to the swimming pool for some swim aerobics and stretching in the therapy pool. Let’s get these muscles moving! Where’s my goggles?


As for my food adventures, I’m finding that some meals are quite satisfying, and some are not. Yesterday, I threw a quick lunch together using some leftover dinner veggies. Corn, asparagus, onions and vegan *cheese* shreds made for some ‘interesting’ veggie tacos that turned out to be quite blah. Thank goodness I’d packed some cruciferous crunch to accompany them. Radishes saved the day!


I am proud however, that I used up my leftovers and stuck to a vegan lunch. I have to remember that not every meal I eat is going to rock my palate, especially when I’m experimenting with new veggie concoctions…


But ooh, did I have a delicious meal at Terra & Vine in Evanston last week! We sat out alfresco, the weather being unusually warm for this time of year. Even where we sat for dinner, being close to dusk and in the shade, I was amply glowing from the heat (not perspiring, only dudes do that)…


I’d perused the menu online in advance (a gobbler of greens needs to know what their options will be…though I also generally just enjoy salivating over menus). I was quite pleased to see a section title for Vegan (as well as Vegetarian). I thought that was quite thoughtful! But when we sat down at our table and I looked over the paper menu, those choices were missing. I asked the waiter about it. Unfortunately, they’d discontinued those particular menu options. Aww man!


But very kindly, the server said that the kitchen could absolutely prepare the pasta dish I’d had a hankering for. Yea! In most restaurants, it’s not too hard to make menu choices (without becoming a terribly annoying, picky diner). For many dishes, just asking for no cheese or sauce does the trick (or on the side if you’re sharing). Now, I did try a bite of blue cheese on the salad, and a bit of aioli on the artichokes, toppers that weren’t vegan. But I’d usually have covered and slathered every fork-full of my meal in cheese and creamy sauce. So, let us just say I successfully reined in the cheese monster that lives inside me…


I might have eyed that cheesy dish across the table with a bit of longing, but in the end, was 100% satisfied limiting my non-vegan intake. I mean, pasta and fried artichokes…what’s there to miss?


All of this to say, whether you’re cooking at home, or dining out, eating mostly plant-based can occasionally be a gamble on taste. It’s also not easy to always make healthier choices. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t. That’s ok.

As for me, I’m excited to keep experimenting, keep cooking, and keep playing with the menus I’m sitting to. And if a meal doesn’t turn out to be all that satisfying, well there’s always another one around the bend! Now If I could just find my swimming goggles…

8 thoughts on “Sometimes Satisfying, Sometimes Not!

  1. I find it not so hard being vegan even eating out, well, especially in Whistler and Vancouver and Victoria, there are many options and I have found restaurants to be very accommodating. I think in this day and age, they have to be with tripadvisor and all! Even when I was in Puerto Vallarta, I described to them how I wanted it, and that’s how they brought it to me! Maybe I’m just lucky, but I am polite and just ask kindly what I would like. They’ve been great! I even ask them not to cook my vegys, or whatever, in oil…. just water please. One waiter came back and asked if the chef could cook it in wine…. ok, wine’s ok! I have to say, it’s been one of my greatest adventures going vegan! And I love trying different recipes, way more now than when I ate some meat and cheese! I am soooo glad that you are trying hard to be vegan…. eventually you will feel cleaner, clearer… I know I have! Plus I lost weight and feel more energetic! (especially since I dropped the oil!) Continue on my venice inspiration!

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    • Awesome! Thanks for the inspiration! It’s been pretty easy to eat at restaurants, especially if I check out the menu first and see what they have. And cooking for the most part has gone well. But I think I need to try making more of those awesome recipes out there and extend my own menu!


  2. yes, yes do it and make a double batch of whatever and take some to work with you the next day (for lunch). 🙂 And if you make some banana bread or cookies or whatever, share them with your friends and clients and they’ll see how yummy vegan food is…. it’s not just eating lettuce! 🙂

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