Swingin’ My Arms and Swayin’ My Hips!

Hello folks! Are you looking as forward to spring as I am? I’m so eager for warm sun and bird song! To get my spring kick-started, I’ve been out power walking every day, swingin’ my arms and swayin’ my hips! Too bad it’s been terribly freezing outside. I’ve had to bundle up quite a bit, and my face has received much wind burn, but I’m tired of winter. I needed to get outside! Come walk with me and see what I’ve been up to…


One thing I love about walking around my town is that I discover more than I would notice when I’m in my car driving the usual ways. This week alone, I spotted a whole bunch of new restaurants, and was sad to spy others that had recently closed. I was curious over new construction and mused to look into store fronts, and I walked a lot of new back streets that I’d never been down before. It was fun to explore!


Walking outside is also good for the soul! All that fresh air and nature makes my heart sing…


As I walked near the sands of Lake Michigan, I spied a bird sanctuary where robins were scratching for bugs…


I stopped to listen to the songs of red-winged black birds, and to giggle at the hurried running of sandpipers…


I also spotted a little field mouse after dark, darting back and forth from under a bush to pick up tiny seeds. That was too cute!


But for all the nature, it’s still city. A funny thing happened last night to remind me of that. I was walking at dusk down a road I’d never walked before. There was an empty plot filled with trees and grass, and I noticed a sign that said it was a nature restoration area. As I walked by and gazed in, how quiet and peaceful it was. So I stopped to listen and take a few deep breaths…IMG_3737

At that exact moment, the loudest DING-DING-DING-DING rang out. Red lights started flashing and I just about jumped a foot into the air. Just a bit further along the sidewalk was a Chicago “L” Train crossing, and the gates and sirens and lights had just gone on to warn drivers and pedestrians that a train was coming through. I chuckled at myself for being so startled. So much for a moment of peace!


In other news, I’ve made a few fun vegan dinners…


I’ve made my grandma’s slaw recipe into a vegan version more times than I can count now, and I never stop loving it. I could eat it almost every day! And that butter on those toasties? Vegan and as delicious as the real thing!


Also had a craving for whole wheat spaghetti and meatballs. They make meatballs vegan now too…an extra dose of veggies without the meat!


Tiddo has made it his life goal to find as many unique hiding spots as possible. It’s a wonder he never gets stuck in a cupboard or closet, though his loud meow would be sure to tell me if he was!


I was rather dismayed when he was goofing off up high above the cupboards. He’s 18 years old! I was worried he’d try to jump down and get himself hurt. He’s figured out the way down though. No sprained paws so far!


Well that’s all for now friends! Spring is around the corner, flowers will soon be blooming and the birds will soon be singing with gusto. Whatever is going on in your world, keep those arms swingin’, keep those hips swayin’ and stay inspired! Best Wishes!

8 thoughts on “Swingin’ My Arms and Swayin’ My Hips!

  1. I bet you are glad that the end of the snow should be near for this year. Are you getting any of those storms hitting the northeast? It was 73 degrees here on Sunday! A fluke of course but day times are regularly in the upper 50’s now. Wish I was able to get out and walk but as we say in Italian “piano, piano” slowly, slowly when you are fighting a disease like cancer. I’m doing fine….it just affects my ability to walk and if I can’t walk well I also can’t drive. I have to settle for the blooms I can see out the window.

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    • We aren’t getting any storms, but the cool temperatures remain! I think everyone around here is probably getting itchy for some truly warmer weather…upper 50’s seems like a dream! I’m wishing you well and hope you enjoy every bit of the spring to come!


  2. Enjoyed very much taking your walk, but I hope the “disease” you mention is just a metaphor…
    On the much lighter side my friend with Italian roots who just came from a trip to Venice (which you know by heart already) , suggested a few spots that one day you might want visit or revisit: Padoue and the Villa/chapel Scrovengi and the fresques by Giotto ; a boat ride on the Brenta to view the riverside, and a visit to the covered antique olympic theater in Vicenza. Take care.

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    • Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions! I still have so much to see of Venice and Italy generally. Not certain which ‘disease’ you speak of? Wind burn? That’s just a chapped, red face that one gets after walking out in the mighty Chicago winds. A little uncomfortable, but not at all serious. Can’t wait for warmer weather! Best Wishes!


  3. Just add: this afternoon I went to an exhibit of the Venitian painter Tintoret’s paintings. At the entrance a detailed map of Venice with about 30 different sites where his works are exhibited. The exhibition here is a huge success.

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