My Herb Kit: A Poem

Oh goodness, oh my! A package for me! From a dear thoughtful cousin, oh what could it be?


A housewarming gift! Something special, I know. Oh where are the scissors, let’s not open this slow!


Such a festive bag, and one special note too! Shall we see what’s inside? Oh yes, let’s do!


Tiddo, my Tiddo! Is it something real good? Something you might like to nibble, even if I won’t like that you should?


Oh heavens! Oh my! It’s just what I need! Some fresh bright herbs, how delightful indeed!


There’s basil and chives, parsley and cilantro too. I’ll always have fresh greens on hand to use!


Thank you to my cousin, you really are so kind! Stay tuned as I plant, much green in my kitchen we will soon find!

10 thoughts on “My Herb Kit: A Poem

  1. Sorry I don’t have a present for you but Happy New Home!
    And since I don’t have the new address it wouldn’t have gotten to you anyway.
    I look forward to the new posts and about how Tiddo is enjoying his new surroundings.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, thank you friend! Tiddo is doing quite well, though I need some better props for him so that he can get the best views out of the windows! I’ll send you a postcard with my updated address. I spotted your postcard from Venice a few days ago, and smiled from ear to ear. Ahh, Venice…


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