Fairies Don’t Like Your Shampoo

Authoress Michelle Novak answers the question, “What are fairies really like?”

Stay Inspired!

Delight by Michelle Novak

2 thoughts on “Fairies Don’t Like Your Shampoo

  1. Lady Michelle~
    I just love all the stories about the fairies, dragons, brownies, and etc. I just love the fairy tale world and fairies and unicorns, and dragons are my favorites. I’m beginning to like brownies because they are very helpful with the cleaning of my house. They do a fabulous job. As for fairies, I’m finding little treasures in my hair like flower petals and pretty smooth colorful rocks so I have quite the collection going and so far they been really nice. I found if you leave them alittle something like a sweet treat that they are not so mean. So give that a try and see if it helps you with your fairies. Ok well I just wanted to share that info and to tell you that I’m staying inspired. Can’t wait to see you next year at the Ren Faire.
    Faire thee well,
    Lady Tammy

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    • Lady Tammy,
      Your advice is very welcome, and I intend to do just this! Maybe some berries or cake crumbles will do the trick. Thank you! What fun treasures they leave you as gifts! I tend to be left more sticks and leaves and bugs, rather than pretty things. My fairies really are trouble just now! I will keep posting more stories about my experiences with the enchanted and I’m glad you are enjoying them. All my best to you friend, and just around the corner, another festival season awaits! Until then – much magic your way!
      Lady Michelle


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