Offering just a little bit…

Do you know what fills my heart? Boxes of books. My books. The loves of my life. The works of my soul. The hundreds of hours spent to give them breath.

They may not look like much in the cardboard, stacked in their paper and plastic. But when I place each individually into someone’s hands, and they walk away, I somehow feel I’m doing what it was I’m here to do. Offering just a little bit of magic, love, happiness, adventure…This is what I have to give.

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2 thoughts on “Offering just a little bit…

  1. There is nothing that’s more emotionally jumbled than receiving a box of your own books. All at once you’re humbled, yet proud; thrilled, yet frightened. So much excitement to proclaim, “They’re here!” after receiving them from the shipping company. Inside is the product of so many hours of work, so much sweat, so many tears – and that new book smell is so intoxicating! Yep – as an academic, I’ve been there with my own work. I’m so envious just looking at your photo. Congratulations on finding your calling!

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