Here For Just A Moment…

Welcome, Dear Friends…

I’m here for just a moment, as I’m inspired to work on other writing today…


But I just wanted to share one little thing…

A tiny thing, really…


I just love jumping spiders so much. Love them.

I absolutely delight to watch them…


I think I really missed my calling to be an entomologist. Bugs will always be my thing.

Except for ticks. Ticks upset me.

And that is a mighty understatement.


Jumping spiders live around my vintage window casings, hunting for other smaller bugs I assume. I call them my pets, because I am so fond of them. I’m not eccentric enough to start naming them yet…but if this lockdown doesn’t end soon…


I paused to say hi to this little fella while he was on walkabout this morning.

Just love them.


And as always, I digress. But don’t you think matching the straw color to your can of sparkling water makes it even more refreshing?

Oh heavens! A bit eccentric for sure. But I’m lovin’ it!

Say hello, friends…before I start naming jumping spiders.

And of course…

Stay Inspired.

4 thoughts on “Here For Just A Moment…

  1. This is funny because as I sat to type out a few things yesterday, I watched a small insect – I have no idea what it was – slowly walk across a nearby wall. In the past, I would have found something to scoop up the little guy and carry him outside – or reluctantly resort to more extreme measures, if he failed to cooperate. But yesterday, I just sat and watched Little Petey (yes, I named him) take his tiny steps across a rather lengthy (for him) section of dressed up dry wall. I should have wished him well, but I didn’t; I think I was too surprised at his presence to do more than I’d already done. I suspect he eventually found what he was looking for – at least I hope he did.

    So, yeah – go ahead and name your jumping spider. 😀

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