The Golden Egg Part II.

Just a little over a year ago whilst making breakfast, I discovered that one of my hard-boiled eggs had a double yolk (which I shared in the post The Golden Egg). I was pretty excited to cut open that egg and discover two yolks, for in all of my years of egg eating, I’ve never seen one. My grandparents raised chickens and ducks when I was a youngling (and still do), but I don’t recall seeing any double yolks amongst those fresh eggs. Perhaps grandma called my attention to one in the skillet at some point, and I forgot about it…


According to Fresh Eggs Daily, only about 1 in every thousand eggs will have a double yolk. But because most egg producers discard eggs that are outside of an established commercial norm, it is even rarer to get one when buying a carton at the market. However, I’m guessing that my purchasing both ‘organic/cage free’ (farmers who are less likely to away with a perfectly good egg in spite of shape or weight) might have something to do with my good fortune…


This is my second golden egg! I went to fry some eggs for supper two nights ago and was tickled to find another double yolk when I cracked my eggs into my pan! On researching this phenomenon again, I discovered that some farms breed chickens that are more likely to produce these eggs, and sell double yolks by the dozen!


There are also plenty of superstitions around cracking open a double yolk. But as for me, there is only one of these omens that I am willing to believe, and that is that I’ll receive some good luck. But I guess I already did, for that egg supper was delicious and I received the blessing of a full stomach!


Here’s to interesting curiosities that delight and always learning something new; and also wishing you much good fortune, a double yolk or two!

2 thoughts on “The Golden Egg Part II.

  1. I get free ranch chicken eggs from local friends. Since hens lay less during the cool months, my friend apologized how small they were recently. However, when I cracked one open.. walla! two yolks in one! With the odds you noted, it was like getting “a hole in one”! Talk about abundance! Yes, let’s have “A Bun Dance”!


    • I was perplexed to read that using something like candlelight to see inside, eggs are checked for such things as two yolks and then tossed if ‘abnormal’. What a waste! I saw a clip from France where vegetables that were ‘funny looking’ (not just the shape we expect) were sold at discount in stores to encourage inexpensive, healthy eating while breaking the stereotype that ‘perfect’ is the only thing to buy. I thought that was AWESOME! Crazy that producers/consumers think an egg with two yolks or a misshapen veggie isn’t edible, when nature has made it nutritious and perfect, just as it is!

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