Peek-a-boo, I see you!

I am currently watching an amazing program called Weird Wonders of the WorldIt is filled with remarkable natural occurrences and bizarre creatures from around the globe. The show is so strange and amazing. I highly recommend it! I guarantee, you’ll be entertained. Of course, I’m learning some incredible things…


This little guy is a jumping spider. They are very common, are gifted with excellent eyesight, and tend to have pretty impressive jumping skills! Their great leaps assist them with hunting for food and making quick escapes. You might recall the handsome jumping spider I caught on photo last summer in Wisconsin…


Having seen these little jumpers all my life, I was quite amused when Weird Wonders of the World (Season 2: Episode 6) introduced a unique species of jumping spider. Jotus Remus, the peek-a-boo spider from Australia, discovered by Jurgen Otto.

What makes this spider so special are two hairy, paddle-like feet. Of this species of spider, only the males have these hairy feet. But why? Does it help them with their jumping prowess? Nope. It helps them get a girlfriend in the most hilarious way!

The peek-a-boo male spider is smaller than its female counterpart. These ladies can behave quite aggressively when they’re not interested in going on a date. In order to avoid getting hurt by an agitated female, the male peek-a-boo spider first waves his fuzzy paddle around from a safe distance. If the female attacks, no coupling. If she’s calmly wooed by the behavior, it’s date night!

While watching the show, I got the giggles seeing the peek-a-boo spider in action. I think it will make your day to watch the video above. Poor little guy has to work hard to find the right lady!


Jurgen Otto has a whole lot of other amazing spider photos and videos! I entreat you to also watch this incredible footage of another jumping spider, Maratus Volans, the peacock spider! This colorful fella is also trying to win over a lady. Absolutely amazing!

Here’s wishing you’ll never forget your curiosity for the world, for it is filled with great and inspiring wonders!

5 thoughts on “Peek-a-boo, I see you!

  1. I love little jumping spiders, and this is coming from a previous arachnophobe. There’s usually one of them (sometimes more but they’re not keen on sharing their space with each other) on my windowsill – a zebra spider. Tiny weeny little things but I’ve never had a problem with them. I’m not a great fan of large spiders though I tolerate a smallish wolf spider that lives in our utility room. I respect him and he respects me – so far! I know it’s a ‘he’ because there are never any spiderlings on its back which is how mamma wolf spiders carry their (live) young. And – spiderling is the real word for baby spiders! 🙂 Love the first video – hadn’t seen it before, but have seen the one with the peacock spider a few times – and your photos are excellent.

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    • I witnessed two jumping spiders in a live standoff today! The one ran away from the other in haste! How right you are that they don’t like to share their space. Once, I disturbed a spider in my mailbox and teeny babies fled everywhere! I was very surprised! Thank you for reading! And, I’m fascinated by your site! Your work is amazing!

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      • At the moment I’m wishing that our resident (small) wolf spider would take more of an interest in the plague of fruit-flies in our house… but no, he sits there and meditates. 🙂 Thanks for the compliment on my work.

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