Cave Cricket In The Potty

Please cue the music from Jaws








I don’t startle when I see insects. However, I’d just woken up this morning and stumbled half-asleep into the bathroom and flicked on the light. This dude made me jump! It’s a cricket, but not just any cricket. It’s a variety of cave cricket and they are rather large…


We’ve actually had a few hopping around the basement now and then, which I catch one by one when brought to my attention and deposit outside. I’ve seen Tiddo the cat pounce on one and munch it…eeewww! But, I’ve never seen them outside of the basement until this fella surprised me today…


Not only did I startle, I squealed too because it jumped right toward me. They have very powerful legs and can jump quite the distance with force. I think bugs are neat, as long as they don’t jump in my hair before I’ve had my coffee…


Let’s go outside, shall we? He’s now in the yard, eating some breakfast while I eat mine. I think it’s good karma to catch and release these little lives. Though he’s naturally a ‘cave’ dweller, hope he’s enjoying some sunshine! Hope you’re enjoying some sunshine in your life today too!

8 thoughts on “Cave Cricket In The Potty

  1. I also have a live and let live policy for insects (Diavolo the cat does too as he ignores them) but if you crawl across my foot in the bathroom in the middle of the night I’m not waiting to scoop you up and take you outside. Luckily that only happened once and it was a hairy black spider about the size of my thumb nail. Sorry but it got flushed.
    Don’t blame you for being startled.
    When I lived in the tropics we had flying cockroaches. They were huge….about three inches long. Our cat Denys loved to munch them….all but the wings. I would come out to the kitchen in the morning and there would be several little piles of wings for me to clean up before I really started my day. Note, these flying cockroaches are not the kind that live in filth so no amount of cleaning would keep them away. And there were no screens on the windows. We sometimes had bats fly through until a friend taught me to put up lace curtains….their sonar could detect those. And yes, we slept under a mosquito net.;)


  2. Oh, I thought it was going to be an Itty Bitty Little. I finished reading the book and noted the critter names, Sally & Sunshine. Also I have an ancestor by name of Nettles.


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