Catnip Confessions

Ok, I’m letting the cat out of the bag (tee-hee). I stole from my neighbors, several neighbors. What did I take? I took some green. No, not cash. Catnip. Yes, I’m confessing. But, what cat mommy wouldn’t do the same? Just look at this handsome Bengal. You’d pilfer weeds from your neighbor’s sidewalk for this little guy too.


Yes, I sometimes pick catnip when I see it along my walk path around town. But lets be honest, no one even knows they’ve got cat’s best friend in their yards. All they see are annoying weeds. Catnip can definitely grow out of control and though it smells and looks a little like mint (same plant family), it isn’t mint, so people think it’s useless and tug it out of their flowerbeds.


Don’t worry Evanston…I’ll help you control your weeds. My cat thanks you!


Fun fact…apparently you can make tea from catnip to help you sleep. Or so says the organic catnip vendor at the farmer’s market. Yes, Tiddo the cat is health conscious and prefers organic. And no, I haven’t made said tea. I’d probably have a wacky allergic reaction and then have to tell the doctor I was sharing catnip with my cat. That would be weird.