The Book Of Dragons Giveaway!

Because it’s November 1st and the season of thankfulness is upon us…because it is an unbelievable 74 degrees and sunny in Evanston…because gift giving is so much fun…and because one of my greatest joys is to share my stories…I’m feeling like today is the day for a giveaway!


After his courage shines through during one unexpected act of valor, young Lambert finds himself knighted by the wise King Gerald of the Kingdom of Echoes. After five years of knightly training and surprising adventures, Lambert and his heroic brothers receive an urgent request from the King; all knights must go in search of a magical text that has gone missing from right under the King’s nose at Halves Castle.

This isn’t just any book however. It is the Book of Dragons, a text filled with magic. In the wrong hands, the peaceful Kingdom of Echoes could be destroyed forever.

As Sir Lambert embarks on his quest to return the book to King Gerald, he learns that its magic would be nothing without living, breathing dragons!

Join Sir Lambert, who with the true heart of an honorable knight will do anything to protect the good people of the realm. Even if it means he has to fight one ferocious red beast!

To enter for your chance to win one free copy of The Book of Dragons, please tell us in the comments what your dragon’s name would be if you owned one as a pet. Further descriptions, such as what your pet dragon looks like, its temperament or habits, would also be highly amusing to hear about (but is not mandatory). Have fun with your imagination!

One winner will be selected at random this coming Sunday, November 6th at 10 a.m. Chicago time and announced here, and the magic inside The Book of Dragons will be theirs!

4 thoughts on “The Book Of Dragons Giveaway!

  1. Michelle,
    I went to see my dragon friend whom I have not visited for some time. He was so excited to see me again. I don’t own him; I don’t think anyone can “own” a dragon. He has agreed to let me mention him and his location only because he knows you and I to be a kind and compassionate people who would not misuse this information. His name is “Corazon d’Oro”; however, he doesn’t mind me or others calling him “Cor”. He has lived for a very long time in a warm lake at the bottom of a caldera of a dormant volcano on an island atop the mid-Atlantic Rift. The island is named Corvo. Cor watches over and cares for the cattle that eat the lush green grass. He especially loves when the children of the village come up to tend the cattle. He is gentle, but you know he can be fierce when defending the poor and helpless. More info if needed.


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