My Pretty Venice

Absolutely charming! That’s what I think about My Pretty Venice: A Girl’s Guide to True Venice by Isabella Campagnol, Elisabeth Rainer and illustrated by Beatrice Campagnol. This lovely book put a smile on my face at the turn of every page…


To begin with, I greatly esteem writer Isabella Campagnol who is the author of Forbidden Fashions: Invisible Luxuries in Early Venetian Convents which I previously reviewed here. With her being a fashion, textile, and decorative arts historian who writes on Venetian topics, who better to co-author a modern guide directed toward such themes, with rich history weaved in?


What do I love about this book? First, Rainer and Campagnol have written an uncomplicated, selective guide to Venice, directed toward delights that ladies might enjoy. That hidden garden, that charming bookstore, a place to pamper your toes or find elegant trappings. However, it isn’t just dry information, it’s playful and delightfully accompanied by Beatrice Campagnol’s darling illustrations (also including illustrative, well placed photos by Lorenzano Di Renzo). A thoughtful guide for the travel-minded, adventurous spirit that is also endearing to the imagination!


I really enjoyed the cameos and curiosities throughout the book as well, which retell interesting histories and share snippets of important ladies from Venice’s history!


For you gals who love Venice (like me), or have a friend who does, My Pretty Venice is an absolute treat! Whether or not you’re heading to that magical city anytime soon, a flip through this book’s pages will sweep you away on your own little holiday!

6 thoughts on “My Pretty Venice

  1. Well, well, well! I was just thinking that I should buy myself a present to celebrate completing chemo next week. This is simply perfect. Grazie, Michelle, for you lovely review. I just ordered a copy from Barnes and Noble.

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      • My copy arrived yesterday and was waiting for me when I got home after my last chemo. I had gone out for dinner with my son, who picks me up on his way home from work and UPS had left it inside my storm door. I ripped open the package and started to devour it before Keith left. Some nice little places to visit in March. Think I will be looking for a shawl with extra long fringe😱

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      • What a wondrous adventure to look forward to, and so glad you enjoyed the sweet book I recommended! I’m so, so happy that you’re through these long months of treatment and I’m praying for your health and happiness, dear friend!

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