Love For Books

Here, I was 12 years old on a summer’s day at my grandparents’ house. Grandma took that photo through her kitchen window (I can smell the home cooking even now). I threw a big cushion off that swing to make things just right. For what? Reading, reading and more reading!


What was I reading? I can only guess one of L.M. Montgomery’s lovely tales of the early 20th century (Anne of Green Gables will never go out of style) or perhaps it was a Choose Your Own Adventure (I have a little collection even now). It might have been my Bible (a book with a great many incredible stories) or perhaps it was something from the library.

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a list of every single book you ever read?

I couldn’t get enough of reading then and I still can’t now. There’s simply nothing quite like a good story. Here’s wishing you many wonderful books on the list of all that you’ll read in your life. Enjoy each and every adventure!

11 thoughts on “Love For Books

  1. This is such a beautiful post, Michelle! It would be so fun to see everything I’ve read … every time I come across a random snippet from an old journal that mentions what I was reading at the time it’s such a treasure. I love the picture you included and the story about your grandparents 🙂 I can totally relate. Thank you for brightening my day! I’m looking forward to following your blog!


  2. I’ve been keeping track of everything I read on Goodreads for past couple of years. Good website for book lovers and nice to keep a running list of all the books I’ve read (in my adulthood at least) 🙂


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