Birdie Buffet! Chirp, chirp!

It’s a lovely day here in Evanston and the cool fall weather we had a taste of several weeks ago has returned. Last night, we lit the fireplace and it was divine! I may have eaten an entire pizza while mesmerized before it, toasting my toes. This afternoon, I must take a long walk (darn you pizza) to soak in the outdoors since the snow will likely be here tomorrow (I’m only sort of kidding).


We are very fortunate to live around a lot of green and trees. I’m a big fan of nature and wildlife, so I feel quite at home in my yard…except two nights ago when that skunk waddled through and the windows were open. I like to do a lot of writing on the porch. Studies show that getting outside does a world of good for your health in all sorts of ways, including making you a happier you.


One of the things that make me smile and sing like a lark (tee-hee) are the birds in my yard! Now, I’m not sure, but I think living just a few blocks from Lake Michigan may have something to do with this; I believe we’re on some migratory route for birds. Most weeks, it’s just your usual Sparrows, Cardinals and Blackbirds. But then, on what seems like a single morning, the entire bird world descends on our yard and we see a lot of species we usually wouldn’t. It becomes rather chatty out there! Especially when the bird feeders are filled. Birdie buffet! Then a few days later, back to normal.


Like this Indigo Bunting and his friend, a Red-Breasted Grosbeak.


And this Goldfinch.


Anyone know what this guy is? A Black-Headed Grosbeak or an Orange Oriole?


I call this dude Helmet Head because I don’t know what he is, but he looks like he’s wearing a football helmet.


And these two Woodpeckers that were searching for their meal on the same tree. My favorites are the Wrens and the Nuthatches…I just like how they flit around and walk upside down on the trees!


My mother lent me her copy of Birds of North America by Robbins, Bruun, Zim & Singer, which I always keep nearby. It’s a lot of fun identifying our little guests!

2 thoughts on “Birdie Buffet! Chirp, chirp!

  1. I really enjoyed this post. You obviously do live on some sort of migratory route. These are marvelous specimens. Tiddo looks happy in his sunny spot. Loven you, Charry-O


  2. The black, orange and white bird is a Baltimore Oriole.
    My baby Tito is so cute in the sun, Him is such a good boy!!! (GOLD)
    I cant believe these birds have stopped in your yard and you caught them in a photo.
    You go girl!!!
    Keep it up!
    The pictures are awesome!
    Swoot squirrel.


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