Alfresco dining at Bistro Bordeaux!

The weather turned from its uninvited chill earlier in the week and is now as lovely as ever here in Evanston. For several days, the sun has been shining, the breeze warm and the squirrels and chipmunks having a field day with all of the falling acorns. Yesterday, I watched a ruby throated hummingbird buzz around a flowering bush in my yard. Those little birds amaze me; I’m fascinated every time I see one. They are just so itty-bitty and fast!

If the weather is holding summer temperatures and sunny skies where you are, then there is something you must do, before it’s too late! Go eat alfresco! Take advantage of the out-of-doors…a picnic, a blanket on the beach, your favorite restaurant with seating on the sidewalk, a sandwich on a park bench, or a BBQ on your back porch.


I enjoyed a lovely dinner at a traditional French bistro, Bistro Bordeaux here in Evanston on Tuesday evening…alfresco of course! To start, some chilled champagne and East Coast oysters (oh yes, I’m taking full advantage of the last delicious moments of summer left to us here in frigid northern Illinois).


Then, I had their Moules Frites Marinieres (“…mussels steamed in white wine, shallot, garlic, parsley, butter”). They are served with Bistro Bordeaux’s addicting beef tallow fries. Turn up the volume and click on their website…makes you feel like you’re in Paris, no? Now check out their menu…ooh la la! The dining inside the restaurant will transport you: bistro style seating, warm lighting, ambling French music, spectacular French food…wait, I mean spectaculaire!


I did not have dessert because I took the cheese selections home with me to enjoy the next day. I do this often…I can’t help it. J’aime le fromage…like, love cheese. Spread it on a toasty baguette slice with a little honey, heaven! I’ll take cheese over chocolate any day!

Whatever your favorites, go enjoy them outside…while you still can! Bon appetit!

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