Divino’s Gelato from Italy!

Do you know why I’m smiling in this photo? Well, there is the obvious reason…I was in Venice. Then there is the other obvious reason…I’m eating gelato. Actually we should say gelati (plural) as it appears that I am eating both a cone and a little cup, I like to live on the wild side when it comes to gelato.


So imagine the look on my face when while perusing the grocery for something new and interesting, I found these!! Made in Italy, Divino. Fruity gelato served in the fruit! I bought one of each flavor…wild side, remember?


Last night I tried the Black Diamond Plum. My first reaction was, “Oh, how pretty.” Then I bit in. Brain freeze! So, I looked on the package just now and it says to let the plum sit out for 10 minutes before you nibble. Ohhhhh! Suffering through my icy headache, my second reaction was, “This tastes like sorbet, not gelato.” Again looking at the back of the package, I see now that the plum fruit is in fact filled with sorbet. ‘Gelato’ on the front of the box, ‘sorbet’ on the back of the box…you’re confusing me Divino!


There is a connection however…ancient Italians used to bring snow down from the mountains and top them with things like wine, fruit, honey…the first snow cones and sorbet! Gelato derives from that, with the added ingredient of milk. Divino’s Roman Kiwi is filled with gelato. Their Apulian Peach, Black Diamond Plum, Ciaculli Tangerine and Amalfi Lemon are filled with sorbet (it’s a go vegans!). Divino is also non-GMO verified.


The plum was delicious, and the fruit shell edible. Refreshing! They are also served with cute little neon spoons…only I didn’t see that because I was too eager to receive my brain freeze. Today I’m going to try the Amalfi Lemon and I’m prepared having read the directions, you have to let it sit out for 20 minutes before enjoying. I’ll have to walk out of the room to avoid temptation!

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