The Politics Of Washing: Real Life In Venice by Polly Coles


I’m currently reading The Politics of Washing: Real Life in Venice by Polly Coles and enjoying every word! The book is Ms. Coles’ memoir of a move to Venice from England with her husband (who is Italian) and her kids (four of them). Though I initially expected a hilarious romp of an adventure, the author has a way of making the comic (of which there is plenty) understated and poetic, while describing the rougher realities of living in Venice, in a hauntingly beautiful way. It is a rich read, sharing her experiences around the school system, tourism, the seasonal acqua alta flooding, holidays, her interactions with the locals, and how the ancient architecture is (or isn’t) fitting in with a modernizing city. Reading it, I’m perpetually excited and sad, moved by Coles’ descriptions of that glorious city and its history while still nervous for how Venice is and will adapt to current threats (architectural destruction, flooding and the vise hold of the tourist industry). I heartily recommend this read. Coles keeps even the gloomiest observations playful, shares insight into a strangely aquatic daily life and provides an elegantly written memoir.

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